Blog 5. Part 2

Bi-folding Sliding Doors for access– unlock garden space & add value to your property

Demand for additional living space within existing buildings continues to grow and we are completing installs different types of French Doors in the UAE with increasing regularity. These Invisible Rail Folding Doors are very much an evolutionary step forwards in terms of design, which has drawn on the company’s extensive manufacturing experience in the Architectural Doors & Windows market.

It’s important to remember that attributes such as waterproofing, drainage and insulation are all dependent on the entire system, rather than individual components. Any change to its construction could affect its performance in these key areas.

A successful Bi Folding Patio Doors design will combine safety and functionality with visual elements and unique features that define the space for the end user.

Questions to ask when planning a Bifolding Doors include:

  • Will the space be used by children?
  • Will pets use the space?
  • How much time will be spent on the terrace?
  • How can you maximize the best views?
  • What kind of frame will be required?

During the early stages of the planning process, the design team should work with the homeowner or developer to determine what is expected of the finished Sliding Glass Doors and how it will be used. It’s also important to consult a landscape architect as soon as possible to ensure Double Doors is technically capable of dealing with the various elements they plan on adding to the space.