Retractable Roof Systems

Project details

The NLG system is opening roof lights for pools, restaurants, cafes, smaller convention centers, and reception halls. With a 4-piece sectional design, it fits in well with most architectural structures. Our systems provide quality, safety, ease of use, optimum value, and design simplicity. With our retractable skylights, enclosed spaces are no longer limited to being indoors spaces only.

Multi-Stack A multi-stack roof allows you to have a more than 50% open, retractable roof. It’s durable, snow-load certified, offers premium security for your patio furniture, UV protection, and allows all-year-round usage of the enclosed area. When it’s important for you to have more than 50% of your roof open, the multi-stack option is a great choice. This choice also allows you to position your retractable patio structure against the side of a building.

Single-Stack Choose this option for a retracting roof that will have an opening less than 50% at its widest. This roof is maintenance-free, offers premium security for your pool and patio furniture, UV protection for your guests, and allows all-year-round usage of the enclosed areas. If you’re in love with the look of a traditional eave overhang, this option is for you. Provide protection from the weather and match the architecture of your building.

Benefits of the Motorized/Manual Retractable Roof Systems:

  • Retractable – You can open and close the retractable roof as you please.
  • Motorized – The products like motorized sun-rooms are equipped with a motorized system that allows to open and close the cover automatically just by a simple touching of the bottom.With a motorized system it’s much easier to open and close the sun-room.
  • Waterproof – waterproof enclosures offer protection to all the range of water actions related to the weather changes. This way the system is 100% impermeable.
  • Long Lasting – Retractable roof system is made of aluminium profiles that never rust.
  • Windproof – The aluminium structure/patio covers that we manufacture is highly wind resistant.
  • Soundproof – We offer a Multi layer Patio Enclosure that protect you from the noise, ideal for private home, hotels and so on.
  • No Condensation – Roofing system we developed eliminates the dew so the condensation phenomenon doesn’t appear.