Skylights & Roof Glazing System

Moving air through homes and distributing light can be accomplished by a combination of mechanical and passive, with a fan and an open window as an example. But since warm air rises, if there is an opening in the room, it will escape. By installing a venting skylight you are providing a source of natural light and possibly ventilation. In addition, your home will seem bright and have a more open feeling. When it comes time to choose the right product for your job and application, NLG offers an unprecedented experience where you can compare various products and features in a full room, real-life experience. While understanding your window needs, we’ll offer your molding and architectural hardware considerations as well.

In addition to providing environmental benefits, our products are designed to improve the aesthetics of any building and add a stunning design element. Our residential skylights are available in many styles, which allow our customers to easily find the right skylight for a flat or pitched roof. Some of the features offered in various pyramid and dome skylight designs include motorized venting systems and temperature controls sensors. By blending style with practical needs, we create unique environments for life, work, and enjoyment.

Commercial Skylights: Limitless Design Possibilities

NLG offers limitless design possibilities for commercial skylight projects with a full line of quality structural and unit skylights, continuous vault, low profile, and cluster systems that meet stringent design criteria.