About Us

Next Level Group, which includes Next Level Innovative Glass & metals LLC (NLG), Pioneer Metal Industries LLC (PMI) and Next Level consultancy LLC (NLC), is an innovator in Buildings Envelope and glazing solutions. We value curtain walls and glass technology & development as a futuristic, cost-effective, clean solution for small and large scale building projects. Our in-depth industry knowledge coupled with our passion to meet the unique demands of our clients drives us to provide reliable, attractive products that change the way builders, architects, planners, and specifiers design and construct.

Specialist Glass Facades Consultant

Next Level Consultancy partners with contractors, architects, and developers to provide strategic, collaborative planning at every stage of your project. From the first inclination to utilize glass in your construction until the final handover, we offer the support and expertise needed to deliver excellence. As a company, we have over 30 years of experience in glass construction. Now, we have taken our experience and created a consultancy firm that can work directly with developers in the initial stages of a project. Our knowledge of futuristic, cost-effective, clean energy solutions guarantees that you will make the right selection for both internal and external glass for your building. Additionally, we coordinate with architects and engineers to ensure that glass specifications are accurate so that they supplement the building performance while offering the desired aesthetics. Finally, we assist the main contractor and subcontractor in efficiently procuring the glass from the right source. We support the production process to ensure that the final goods meet the established quality and safety objectives. Your deadlines are important to us. At NLC, our role is to complete the team, providing vital experience and ensuring that your project meets all the specifications for safety, beauty, and efficiency.

Production of Curtain Wall, Doors & Windows

Pioneer Metal Industries LLC is the experienced in the production of standard solutions such as UPVC doors & windows, aluminium Doors & windows , curtain walls, Fly screens, and light structure metal production. With state of art machineries, PMI team, who’s having more than 35 years’ experience in this domain, ensures always to produce accurately according the approved fabrication drawings and more importantly delivering the finished goods ahead of time, honoring thus a commitment which barely can’t be found in the market now a day.

Supply and Installation of Glass, Steel & Aluminum

Next Level Glass and Metals LLC offer wide range of solutions from standards such as curtain wall, Door and windows, Skylights, Canopies, balustrades, partitions, internal glazing to the most innovative ones such as laser-engraved LED-lit glass panels, powerless Dynamically tinted glass, minimalistic the luxurious aluminium system, solar energy systems, Ultra-jumbo glass, and Smart Privacy Glass—all using the latest technology and applications. Our competitively-priced, energy-efficient building envelope systems provide integrated power generation, acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, fire resistance, and safety from UV rays. All products and designs are in accordance with our client’s expectations and meet international standards.

The glass division markets the world’s largest panoramic glass panels (3300x18000mm). This superior-quality panels have smart features such as privacy glass, interstitial Venetian blinds, heat-treated glass, ceramic fitting, laminated glass, insulated glass, curved glass and Heat Mirror insulated glass. We can provide fire-resistant glass, blast-resistant glass, and the highest grade of Low-E coated glass. Our products are customized to fit the individual requisites of each client.

Research and Development are ongoing. With an eye for a sustainable future, the The R&D team is changing the industry with innovative products that offer greater aesthetics, improved safety features, and cost-effective green solutions.