Standard Solutions

  • Glass Facade
  • Aluminium & uPVC Door sand Windows
  • Stick & Unitized Curtain wall
  • Cladding (ACP) & Decorative Metal Cladding
  • Glass Balustrade Systems
Special Structures

  • Minimalistic Slim Glass Facade
  • Bi-fold Sliding Doors
  • Point Fixed Glazing Systems
  • Glass Bridges and Flooring
  • Residential & Commercial Skylights

Innovative Products

  • Smart Privacy Glass
  • Retractable Roof Systems
  • Descending Walls
  • Unilux Aluminium Clad Wood
  • Novalux Glass SIDE LED-lit glass

Strategic, collaborative planning with one of our Engineers guarantees that your project will be at the leading edge of value-added construction. Our custom-tailored designs provide greater beauty and improved use of renewable energy to clients worldwide. In Next Level Group, we’ve combined the experiences and services of three companies to provide a turn-key solution to our clients starting by proposing the right glass product by NLC to designing, engineering, fabricating, and installing the solutions by NLG and PMI teams.

Services Provided by the Next Level Group: Design & Engineering, Supply, Installation & Maintenance – Design & Engineering: From 3D models, fabrication drawings are automatically generated and products are installed using the latest laser survey technology.

Our Solutions (Products) for you to have understood more about us: – Standard: Stick & Unitized Curtain Wall, Aluminium & uPVC Doors and Windows, Glass Balustrade Systems, ACP & Decorative Metal Cladding, Railing Systems. – Special: Panoramah Minimalistic Glazing System, Bi-fold Sliding Doors, Residential & Commercial Skylights, Point Fixed Glazing Systems, Glass Bridges & Flooring. – Innovative: Smart Privacy Glass, Unilux Aluminium Clad Wood, Novalux Glass, Retractable Roof Systems, Fiber Glass