Unilux Aluminium Clad Wood Doors & Windows

Project details

Without limits. Large facade formats permit an entirely new experience of your surroundings. Get the greatest possible transparency in your house – with large-area glazing in the UNIXLUX Fine Line facade, the UNILUX HS Integral lift-and-slide door, or the UNILUX aluminum-clad wood large-format Jumbo Line door. In line with our overall concept, the UNILUX products are in-house developments that show off high product intelligence and complex engineering art. As one of the leading manufacturers in the aluminum-clad wood segment, UNLIUX has an efficient production process that makes it possible to offer these unique aluminum-clad wooden products at a price where top quality is affordable.

The only thing modern-day windows have in common with their “ancestors” is their name. Good carpentry work and appearance alone is no longer enough, because energy efficiency, safety, and functionality standards have increased dramatically to meet today’s customer needs. That’s why all UNILUX aluminium clad wood products are in-house developments, demonstrating an extraordinary degree of product intelligence and complex engineering. To ensure these masterpieces are not just available to a selected group of people, UNILUX produces them as series, enabling these unique aluminium clad wood products Where quality is at home – UNILUX


  • DURABILITY. Since we were founded, UNILUX has always used the highest-quality materials. All aluminum profiles are manufactured according to the strictest requirements. Our plywood, in nearly knot-free quality, will satisfy even the most demanding of customers. All seals, inside and out, are made of resilient artificial rubber. The accurate processing and strict quality control guarantee that you will enjoy your glass façade for years.
  • GLAZING SEAL UNILUX aluminum top unit designs rely exclusively on highly robust seals of synthetic rubber (EPDM). Every glass panel is separately ventilated and drained by our catch bolt part. This design is easy to install and has many identical parts for cost-effective construction. Silicon may be cheap, but it fades easily, is hard to clean, and is susceptible to cracks and abrasion. UNILUX uses the better alternative: synthetic rubber, which is easy to clean, fade-resistant, long-lasting, and hardly noticeable.
  • ALUMINUM POWDER COATING „The paint is peeling.“ That sentence will never be heard by UNILUX owners. We use an aluminum powder coating on our aluminum-clad wood windows that were originally developed for the automotive industry. The result is extremely tough paint that unpleasant weather just can‘t touch.
  • ANELOXAL COATING. Not just acid rain can break metal down. Salty sea air can also have aggressive effects up to 100 kilometers in from the shore – even on stainless steel. A pre-anodization – the Aneloxal process – effectively prevents corrosion. We are one of the few manufacturers to use this type of coating upon request, ensuring that even near the coast your UNILUX aluminum-clad wood windows will be a synonym for long life.

ALUMINIUM CLADDING SLIDER COUPLINGS. Aluminium contracts or expands more than wood in cold or hot weather, creating tension on the frame. We prevent this from happening by mounting the aluminium cladding on slider couplings – similar to a rail system. This also ensures the wood is properly ventilated at all times.