Blog 5. Part 1

Bi-folding Sliding Doors for access– unlock garden space & add value to your property

Having outdoor living space is an important consideration for modern homes. With space often at a premium, especially in urban locations, a patio or open terrace will allow you to make the most of an otherwise unused area and provide a desirable outdoor space, perfect for entertaining, growing food or just enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

If you’re looking to construct a patio or terrace Bi-fold Sliding Doors can be the key to unlocking uninterrupted entrance and view. Essentially a ‘Patio Doors’ can provide a technical solution as well as an aesthetically pleasing one for architects and building occupants alike.

These contemporary styled Patio Folding Doors are designed to unlock garden space and allow full use of the area.

More than just a doors, these units provide access, natural ventilation and daylight to dwellings and best of all, a significant amount of the initial cost can be recouped by the increased value of the property due to the inclusion of a terrace.

Utilizing a new ultra minimal aluminum doors & windows design, glass to framework ratios have been dramatically improved. For a sleek but robust weatherproof finish, both internal and external finishes are available in any RAL color using approved powder coating system.