Design & Engineering


Our highly talented team operates with precision to move each project from end to end quickly and efficiently. The experienced design department uses the latest software to turn any basic jpeg photo or architectural idea into a complex 3D model, structurally engineered with a state-of-the-art safety system. We use an innovative installation system that relies on the most modern laser surveying technology. From CAD drawings to the site installation, we have the comprehensive industry expertise needed to deliver solutions.

We believe that the success of a project stems from its design. With ambitious standards for quality and timeliness, our effective flexible software compiles production information then transfers it to the shop floor for procurement and production initiation.

We have expertise in the 3D software used to design complex facades and free-form structures. Software models enable us to interface architectural sketches giving visibility to ideas. When used in compatibility with production software, our innovations ensure that what can be shown on a drawing, can, in fact, be manufactured with the utmost precision.

NLG was the first company in the Middle East to use the German-constructed computerized laser survey technique to assist in the design and installation of complex structures. This modernization merged as-built data with shop drawings to predict precise fixing for any location. Additionally, by optimizing the technology, we could adjust fabrication drawings taking into account the real geometry of a site so that our finished products could be constructed precisely with variations of less than 0.5mm.