Bi-Fold Sliding Doors

Project Details

From the aspiration of more space, light, and contact with nature, NLG provides its clients with a range of folding sliding doors, considered to be the most advanced systems available in the market. Our range of folding sliding doors offers infinite possibilities to architects and professionals, to create space without limits, completely flexible, assuring at the same time high security and insulation. We have a wide range of products, with the option to adapt to your own requirements, vision, and way of life

At NLG, we provide the best solution for your terrace, winter garden or conservatory, your business or project within restaurants, shops, hotels, etc… you will have the opportunity to open or close the walls according to the season. Our bi-fold sliding openings are the optimal solutions to create flexible and versatile spaces.

  • Enjoy a comfortable space, whatever the weather.
  • Just a simple open and close, the folding sliding doors, allows you to gain a sheltered space free from wind, rain, and bad weather, enabling you to use your terrace or balcony in any weather.
  • NLG has the solution to ensure you will be able to make good use of your space all year-round, enhancing your property and creating a modern homely feel.
  • NLG folding sliding doors are designed and certificated under the strictest atmospheric test, gaining a high grade of thermic, acoustic insulation, as well as air and water tightness.