Blog 13. Part 1

Double Glazing Doors & Windows

Double Glazing Windows and Doors has been a popular choice in recent years in its three decades of global existence. It is an aluminum or UPVC structure, fitted with dual glass, in a fashion where the between of two sheets of glass, is air sealed. The capsule of space in between is later left as a vacuum or argon gas is filled in it, to minimize sound and heat propagation. ’Insulated Glazing’ and ‘Double Pane’ are the two common terms used to address Double Glazing Windows or doors.

ATTRIBUTES Aluminum windows, doors, curtain walling, and front elevations are some of the products where Double-Glazing Windows and Doors is brought to use, for commercial as well as residential purposes.

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY CONSUMPTION The right temperature is a key to comfort in any ambiance, and to get that perfect temperature we put in a lot of effort financially, as a lot of heat or cold is lost through glass windows and doors resulting in further use of ACS or Heaters. Double Glazing can help us with it by creating a capsule of space in between which is later left as a vacuum or argon gas is filled in it, to minimize sound and heat propagation, leading to a lot fewer electricity bills

CLATTER CUTTER If your building is situated near a busy road, it is more likely that the quiet of your home is disturbed often by traffic outside, and we all know that quiet is the heart of the house. Double Glazing is also often appreciated for its noise cancellation features, it can reduce noise levels up to 44 decibels, due to vacuum between its glass frames, and thicker glass, which is harder for sound waves to penetrate. There’s more to benefits of Double Glazing Window

  • In case of a violent intruder Double glazed windows act as an extra security measure due to the thickness of glass, making it harder to break.
  • Added resistance against high-velocity winds
  • It can keep a place 50% warmer due to its low heat emission
  • Your house comfort will be increased, especially if you are living in a colder region.
  • Less foggy windows as the inside layer of the glass pane are warmer, causing the outer layer to resist condensation.


Aluminum Doors sliding (patio) doors, hinged doors, French doors, swing doors, sliding folding doors, or pivot doors, are some of the options available that you may choose from according to your style and requirement. All the products are available for a custom-built and standard size.

Aluminum Windows Discover what sets us apart in a range of, Pivot windows, Minimalistic Frameless Slim Sliding, Tilt and Turn windows, Arched and Round windows. Dive into the many options we have and chose what suits the style of your home.

Aluminum & Glass Enclosures An extra living area or a room can be added to your space if you decide to enclose a balcony or a verandah in your home, Aluminum and glass can be perfect options for it. It is cost-effective as well.

Glass Facades for your home If you want to really impress the guests, while at the same time choosing a performance-driven facade. NLG has a lot to offer, making sure value is added to your home.

Sun Louvres If you are looking for a visually appealing way of blocking direct sun rays from entering a building, but you don’t want to compromise the ventilation of air, and also, not completely block the natural light source, then Sun Louvres can be a perfect option for you. Some people chose Sun Louvres primarily for the purpose of adding decor to the house as well. Some for privacy, while some chose it to add beauty to a building facade.