Glass Facade

From design to construction and post-completion assessment, our team provides an integrated approach to all aspects of facade engineering.
Next Level Group (NLG) is one of few multidisciplinary consultancies in the world. In the last 10 years, we have led the way in innovative and highly buildable Glass Facade designs. In the growing field of facade engineering, we have a formidable track record of over 10 years of specialized experience across many Dubai iconic projects. Our clients can leverage our full suite of integrated capabilities across engineering, infrastructure, and project management, and access the best expertise available within the Next Level Group. The benefit is a holistic delivery that is totally committed to high quality, cost-effective and sustainable designs, and solutions.

At NLG¬, we provide a complete range of services and products tailored to the market needs. Our enviable portfolio includes a wide variety of commercial and residential buildings, besides many works in progress. Our facades are well designed and engineered as an essential part of the building. The facades of both residential and commercial buildings play a fundamental role in contributing to the overall attractiveness of an area. Our team combines design, engineering, fabrication, and installation expertise to address all aspects of facade design and construction. We provide a full range of services for all types of building glass envelopes from conventional materials like curtain walls to modern designs.

No matter how extraordinary the proposed vision, our facade designs fulfill the many complex functions required. Our rigorous design and analysis process finds the best balance between safety and security, efficient use of energy, daylight, and comfort. By rationalizing the facade design, whether to simplify geometry or to introduce cost-saving repetition, we make sure it can be competitively tendered.