Blog 16.1

Novalux Glass SIDE LED-lit glass

It is the world’s latest innovation in laser-engraved, SIDE LED-lit glass. With Aequilux technology, we can now light a surface as small as your hand or as vast as the jumbo 3 m x 8 m panels which, placed side-by-side, can illuminate a tower against the night’s sky. It is a custom-tailored, heavy-duty system for the production of industrial laser-processed glass. Our quality and capabilities with industrial production are unprecedented. New possibilities in the world of industrial laser processing of glass have opened today.


Our state-of-the-art technology is achieved by illuminating a glass panel through the edge by means of LEDs. An almost invisible pattern applied through laser processing enables us to illuminate glass panels uniformly up to jumbo sizes.

The LEDs radiate into the glass panels giving light in the chosen color to the entire panel. Output can vary from dim lighting which gives a very high light transmission to nearly opaque which allows for limited light transmission. The LEDs operate efficiently and generate low heat. Sensors monitor the LED temperature to ensure long life.


The large format laser engraving beneath the surface, has these features:

  • Suitable for one-of-a-kind images, logos, and text
  • 3D visualized
  • Easy to clean with engraving inside the glass
  • Integrated illumination
  • Controlled light direction

Application can be done in two formats: engraving on the surface of nearly any type glass material or 3D engraving on the subsurface of a glass material.