Blog 16.2

Novalux Glass SIDE LED-lit glass

Our process uses the world’s largest laser engraving machine. The automated machinery lets us manufacture IGUs in any shape and size and with optimal quality in the shortest time. We can engrave glass up to 8 m in length and with most any weight and thickness. Unique illumination through the edge makes it possible to integrate panels into a wide range of applications.


Our application can be used to lightroom dividers or anti-splash screens in your kitchen. We can light handrails and illuminate your logo, a specially-designed picture, or a graphic. Brilliant in-glass visualizations of any illustration or photo are possible. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor. Stunning effects can be achieved by using an integrated spacer that systematically illuminates and darkens lights of various colours throughout your design fashioning an awe-inspiring display for audiences. DMX or DALI control is possible.


With our vast experience in glass and architecture, we are able to provide you with consulting to help you find the best solution for your project. From the planning phase, all the way to final installation – our customers benefit from our experience and our passion for glass. The large-format laser engraving on the surface of glass has these features:

  1. Brilliantly visualized
  2. Mirror and coated glass suitable
  3. Multi-colored on one glass sheet
  4. Fingerprint proof
  5. Dirt-resistant
  6. Slip-resistant
  7. Jumbo-sized up to 3 m x 8 m