Blog 15. Part 2

Bridges & Catwalks

A glass bridge is a bold and powerful feature that is not only functional but also artistic. Glass Flooring Systems is the only manufacturer offering a complete turnkey solution for such a feature. The top layer of your glass bridge system consists of a safe, non-slip surface specially designed to meet all safety standards, making your glass surface as safe as it is beautiful. There are many tested anti-slip textures, which is the only ultra-clear texture available that’s suitable and safe for exterior conditions. Glass Flooring Systems is the only manufacturer that offers a complete glass bridge system. In addition to providing a structural frame and structural glass, we also offer glass railings, rods, cables, and other custom-designed railing options, allowing for an incredibly wide range of design possibilities. When you work with Glass Flooring Systems for your glass-flooring needs, you receive a complete package from one trusted, industry-leading source.

There are several other customization options available for your glass bridge system: the extruded aluminum structural framing, which features a powder-coated finish, is available in a variety of color choices. The perimeter frame features an integrated LED lighting channel, which enables you to add LED lighting to edge-light your glass panels in virtually any color to create the type of ambiance you are after.

Glass Flooring Systems walkable skylights offer architects and designers an easy way to integrate walkable skylights into their plans, with features designed for a variety of application requirements

Glass Flooring Systems offers the most innovative structural glass package available, which includes a host of dynamic features that make our walkable skylights unmatched in the industry. Our triple-laminated glass assembly is engineered for passive redundancy with panels that are fabricated using three layers of low-iron, tempered glass with structural interlayers.

Our structural glass delivers exceptional safety and design flexibility, with the top layer consisting of a safe, non-slip surface that allows light to filter into the space below. Our exclusive, fully independent, self-supported aluminum framing members deliver exceptional structural integrity and design flexibility. The strength of this framing system means our walkable skylights can be made with much longer spans, enabling more dramatic, expansive spaces to be designed without the need for additional structural elements.

To assist you in designing the walkable skylights that will best meet your needs and exceed your expectations, we provide our comprehensive data, product support, and engineering expertise at every step, from design conceptualization to the final installation.