Blog 13. Part 3

Double Glazing Doors & Windows

Being a major manufacturer of aluminum & uPVC windows and doors, NLG takes the responsibility of giving you a complete service with proper installation. For commercial and residential purposes every day more numbers of people are preferring Aluminum doors for its worth-the-money attribute.

Benefits of aluminum doors:

  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Available in anodized finish, in a range of powder coated colours, or in wood-look coatings.
  • Can be fitted with a wide range of glass options – with different characteristics, thicknesses and colours
  • Available in custom sizes, up to extremely large sizes
  • various innovative styles including folding, sliding and rotating doors
  • High performance, long service life
  • Resistant against corrosion, distortion and other harmful effects of the environment
  • Well insulated against sound and inclement weather
  • Most aluminum window systems can be repaired if required
  • They can have various security features: burglar resistant, fire resistant and bullet resistant

Hinged Doors One of the most common doors used across the world is Hinged Aluminum doors. These doors are fixed on either the left jamb or right one, this gets the door open inside or outside but not on both ways. These doors can be created as a single unit or a double unit (French doors) where the exterior is made from strong aluminum, and the center section can be made of glass or aluminum cladding, Cottage pane style is also one of the options available.

Sliding Doors (Patio Doors) Sliding doors (also commonly called patio doors) could be a perfect answer if you seeking ways to improve, expand the vista, or direct more sunlight than normal doors in your office or living area. These doors are set on roller wheels which are adjustable. They are weatherproof and available in three and two boards, with one board always fixed. They can be used to cover big entrances, sunrooms with the use of top lights and sidelights on them.

Swing Doors What makes Swing doors (or pivot doors) different from other types of doors is their outward and inward movement. These doors are hinge-less as they rotate on a movable point towards the left or right side of the door, this allows it to be extra wide than the hinged doors if required. The frame of these doors against which It swings can be made up of aluminum, or they can be made as a glass door with no frames. Springs can be fitted to these doors so that they shut automatically after opening.

Sliding-Folding Doors Sliding folding doors are called by various different names: Folding doors, stacking doors, folding-stacking doors, concertina doors or accordion doors are some of the commonly used names for Siding doors. These doors are a byproduct of 21st-century innovation for an extra-wide opening in space. The panels of the doors, slide and fold at the same time to give your eyes a max view of the outdoors, comprising of multiple boards, they fold upon one another to get completely packed.