Blog 14

Designing an Outstanding Facade

The facade is the meeting point of virtually every other building discipline and our building envelope designs integrate with the structure, building services, and others. By understanding the strategic aims of the project in its earliest stages, we can define how the building envelope can achieve the best outcome. We specialize in facades that are easily assembled and can be procured with minimum impact to cost and risk factors.

We invest in research, developing ideas like a design for disassembly and recovery, and finding ways to apply resource-saving. Our research encompasses predicted future weather patterns and changing definitions of comfort and discomfort. Our combined experience is brought together in one of the industry’s most robust specifications, which is a critical guide for the successful design and delivery of every project.

More and more building owners from across the world are rebelling against traditional building structures and boring designs. Consequently, facades are now a fundamental part of the design. Leading industry players such as Next Level Group have introduced innovative building facade design solutions, subsequently opening new possibilities for architectural professionals and builders’ owners alike. With our wealth of experience in the industry, NLG has what it takes to offer world-class building facade designs. A range of trendy colors is available to make your building stand out.

Building facade designs are an excellent choice for enhancing the face and personality of your building. Building facades play a fundamental role in the design and construction of a building, especially with regard to structural stability, space utilization, and energy consumption. Ease of installation of building facade designs enhances customer experience.

The importance of a proper building facade design cannot be overstated. Facade designing and execution essentially create a lasting impression. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it is critical that facades help achieve energy efficiency. Ventilated facades provide constant acoustic and thermal insulation for homeowners. This can be attributed to the air gaps, joints between different panels, besides composition in layers.