Blog 13. Part 2

Aluminum & uPVC Doors & Windows

Aluminum windows in commercial and domestic buildings have become an irrefutable need in today’s times, It is used for commercial and residential purposes. The reason for its preference is functionality, design, and weather protection. Another reason why it is preferred by designers and architects is that it offers scope for customization due to its various systems and profiles. NLG is one of the major manufacturers of aluminum & uPVC windows in the UAE, offers installation by professionals.

UPVc Windows can be custom made in a number of various styles such as windows, fixed pane windows, projected windows (also called casement windows or sash windows) generally available as top-hung or side-hung windows, arched windows or round windows, double-glazed windows, cottage pane windows, and other custom style windows. This is possible due to the use of specially engineered extruded aluminum lengths.

Advantages of aluminum windows:

  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Available in anodized finish, in a range of powder-coated colours, or in wood-look coatings.
  • Can be fitted with a wide range of glass options – with different characteristics, thicknesses and colours
  • Available in custom sizes, up to extremely large sizes
  • Various innovative styles, and different ways of opening
  • High performance, long service life
  • Resistant against corrosion, distortion and other harmful effects of the environment
  • Well insulated against sound and inclement weather
  • They can be manufactured with various security features: burglar resistance, fire resistant and bullet resistant

Sliding windows If your preference is a slim finish or if your space restricts outward movement of window casements, then sliding windows can be just what you are looking for, Used for both office and homes building, to bring a visually appealing yet extremely productive character to the building. It comes with two options – horizontal sliding windows (where the casement slides left and right), and vertical sliding windows (casement slides up or down).

Sliding windows at NLG’S can be used for any purpose such as surround a large space, access a sunroom, customize a facade, Sliding windows can smoothly be fixed with fixed-pane windows, sliding doors, or folding doors.

Pivot Windows Pivot windows are known for their opening, they revolve to a limited point in the frame, causing a more spacious opening as compared to projected or sliding windows. This also increases the window size than a regular-sized window. The pivot windows can be used for an office building and luxury domestic spaces, with special customization.

Arch Windows & Round Windows Some specific buildings, be it commercial or domestic may require Arch windows and round windows, to impart an exclusive contemporary but fashionable vibe to a home or commercial space. An arched window is very broad, with the custom option of the curve to be built slightly or extremely.