Panoramah Frameless Slim Minimal Doors & Windows

Panoramah Frameless Slim Minimal Doors & Windows Project Details Client: Daria Island, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Main Contractor: Engineering Contracting Company (ECC) Consultant: Lacasa Architects & Engineering Consultants

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Minimalistic Glazing System

Minimalistic Glazing System The modern concept of the panoramic window seeks to maximize the spans and openings of rooms to light and landscape: the window is converted into a large “screen”. NLG minimalistic glazing system is a culmination of this widely employed modern design concept, ensuring maximum transparency and excellent performance using the latest, most

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Aluminium & uPVC Doors and Windows

Aluminium & uPVC Doors and WindowsProject detailsAn experience of more than two and a half-decade, and a lineage of clients who are happily living in their home that was worked by us. We have gathered the expertise to give you the quality Architectural Aluminum Products and style your resident. We, at

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Cladding (ACP) & Decorative Metal Cladding

Cladding (ACP) & Decorative Metal CladdingProject details The next Level Group team is specialized in the creation of decorative perforated panels used to enhance exterior and interior spaces creating thus striking architectural effect. Our panels give meaning to the term “form and function,” as they provide customers with decorative beauty while also serving practical

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Glass Facade

Glass FacadeFrom design to construction and post-completion assessment, our team provides an integrated approach to all aspects of facade engineering.Next Level Group (NLG) is one of few multidisciplinary consultancies in the world. In the last 10 years, we have led the way in innovative and highly buildable Glass Facade designs. In the growing field of

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Skylights & Roof Glazing System

Skylights & Roof Glazing SystemMoving air through homes and distributing light can be accomplished by a combination of mechanical and passive, with a fan and an open window as an example. But since warm air rises, if there is an opening in the room, it will escape. By installing a venting skylight you are providing

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