Blog 3. Part 2

Using Panoramic Slim Minimalistic Frameless Aluminum Glass Facade System to enhance light & space

Large areas of frameless glass facade system can be dramatic but are likely to need solar control finishes like Louvres, Shutters & Fins, the performance of which are a compromise between the amount of heat reflected and the light transmittance into the building. This is where the specifier must weigh up energy efficiency, thermal comfort and natural light.

The larger the panoramic view of Minimalistic Glazing, the greater the number of hours each year that the building’s required illuminance will be provided by natural light, and the less time that artificial lighting will need to be used.

The aspect of your Panoramic Slim Glazing in your villa should be given due consideration, using design techniques to maximize the usefulness of solar gains – especially in winter – while taking steps to control them in summer.

Aluminum Slim Frameless Glassremains the solution of choice  in the majority of applications. For it to meet all the functional requirements expected of it, however, necessitates an awful lot of options to create the right blend of characteristics for any individual luxury construction project.

Before start, you must consider the following topics to get the best results:

  • Opening : Fixed, Double Fixed, Sliding, Pocket, Double Pocket, Invisible Pocket, Corner, Curved or Vertical etc.
  • Railing options: Monorail, Birail or Multirail
  • Frame material & RAL Color
  • Opening system to choose from: Pivot, Tilt & Turn,
  • Security Locks & Handles
  • Motorization System: Manual or with Remote Control
  • What type of glass?
  • Glass dimensions: Width, Height, Thickness
  • Glass performance: Sound Insulation, Light transmission, U-Value, Water & Air Tightness, Thermal efficiency, Light Transmission and Solar gain
  • Add-ons: Special RAL Colors, Insect Screens, Integrated Blind System
  • Delivery Time
  • Maintenance accessibility & Cleaning Procedures