Hub Zero at City Walk


Hub Zero at City Walk Project details Client: Besix Location: Dubai, UAE Architect: U+A Architects Hub Zero in Dubai is a fun-filled place that invites all the crazy gamers, virtual reality enthusiasts, and, of course, people who love to have fun! Head to Hub Zero to enjoy an interactive gaming experience in a lively

Ferrari World


Ferrari World Project details Client: BeSix Architect: Benoy Consultant: Covering over 900,000 square feet, Ferrari World is the largest indoor theme park in the world, shaped like a massive three-pointed star when viewed from above, featuring a 215-foot version of Ferrari’s yellow prancing horse logo on the curved red roof. This enormous sports car-themed

The Green Planet Museum


The Green Planet Museum Project details Client: Besix Consultant: Buro Happold Consulting Engineers Architect: U+A Architects From the forest floor to the tips of the canopy, explore The Green Planet, an incredible indoor vertical rainforest filled with living plants, animals, and birds. This indoor tropical rainforest stands for a unique botanical

Zaabeel Palace


Zaabeel Palace Project details Client: EO (Joint venture with Debbas) Location: Dubai, UAE Architect: Overseas AST Zabeel Palace is one of the major Dubai tourist attractions. Next Level Group was contracted to provide a spectacular walk-on glass floor entrance, including in house structural calculation & unique glass specification.

Dubai Design District


Dubai Design DistrictProject details The Dubai Design District is a new neighborhood that will mix office space, major brand outposts, and small boutiques with galleries, workshops, and artists’ studios that are equipped with Instant Switchable Privacy Glass for extra comfort. It is the building glass of choice for creating doors & windows that offer users


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